How to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

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Banding together in times of need is a practice as old as disaster itself.

In our age of information and pseudo-enlightenment we can look at our personal screens (tv’s, computers, phones, tablets, even watches and glasses) and witness the devastation of a disaster on the opposite side of the world as quickly as we can view a disaster just a state away.

Instead of letting this desensitize, let it energize!

The facts are, heaving raining has caused flash-flooding in many parts of Louisiana. Unfortunately the death count is rising, though not as quickly as the number of those displaced, and most politicians flooded in limelight have remained silent on this event.

A few days ago, after reading this article written by Dallas News columnist


(sorry the photo is a bit blurry.)

Instead of going on about my day with a sense of ego inflation at being more educated about what is going on just a state over from my residency in Texas, I called my big sister, a resident of West Monroe, to ask her if she knew of any organization who were helping flood victims as we speak. She is not experiencing any devastation from extreme weather currently, but did have the waters invade her home (a new living room floor and a replacement piece of was of the walls was in order) a few months ago when the floods hit back in March. That is her dog Shipley pictured above.

My sister’s sentiments were that there are still people in her own city that have not been able to move back into their homes from when the skies opened up in March. “It happens a lot in natural disasters like this, where at first, a lot of people will be helping, donating their time and money, but whenever the initial shock and media buzz dies off, so does the help and volunteer work.” Wow, how true, and what a shame. We must continually stick together, lest we all float away!

Feeling a bit more disheartened after this conversation, I clung to hope in my sister’s words that she would let me know if she heard of any organizations helping out over the next few weeks, and I set out to stay informed. That was easy, since I had tuned my attention to the matter. You know how that goes, yeah? Whenever you start to pay attention to something, like a funny word or a new kind of music, it seems like your life is filled with more of that thing that ever before. The mind is a beautiful creation, my friends.

On my Facebook newsfeed this morning was a post from a talented local makeup artist. She is currently attending the Aveda Institute Dallas. Art and activism combine here, as they are hosting a Guest Appreciation Event where you can find all products discounted by 20%, as well as many services like facials and manicures. All of the proceeds from these event are going to flood victims in Louisiana. I don’t think I am exaggerating whenever I call this event and act of kindness,¬†beautiful.

After being inspired from this event, I then simply Googled the words: “How to help Louisiana flood victims.” Here I found a wonderful article of organizations dedicated to flood relief in my sister state already compiled! Thank you, Peter Slattery of The Daily Beast, for putting this piece together to make it easy for the layman to reach out a helping hand.

Even though my car needs repairs, my cat decided to use my bike tires as a scratching post rendering them unusable, and I’m not super sure where I’m going to be living after this next 2 and a half months is over with, I decided I could definitely part with $10. United Way of Louisiana, thank you for your work, and may that ten bucks added to the pot sit comfortably with all of the other small donations, and actually make a difference to some folks.

Too many times our memories are short lived. Many floods have happened and many more shall. If you feel so inclined, so what you can here now, and let your good deed empower and inspire you.

Thank you for reading! Comments and subscriptions are appreciated. Happy Thursday!

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