When Pier 1 Phased Out Toxins

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(Watch at the highest quality!)

Something we collectively may not always think about when we are shopping for furniture and decorations for our home is if the materials and mediums have known harmful toxins in them.

The truth is, they do. Lightbulbs have mercury, which is neurotoxic. Many comforters, pajamas, pillows, couches, beds and so on have flame retardants in them. Flame retardants are a “possible” human carcinogen.

How do we make sure these chemicals don’t get into our homes and into our heads? By creating and enforcing policy!

How does that happen? In this case, through the hard work of a non-partisan, environmental non-profit called Texas Campaign for the Environment.

Through their efforts, Pier 1 effectively phased out all toxins from all products on their store shelves.

Yes, it really happened. And it is because people in the community got involved on an issue that they care about.

And I was lucky enough to catch footage of it actually happening!

Please enjoy this original video and audio of empowered citizens taking part in democracy 🙂

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