Focusing Perspective

Zoomed out, our Earth is green and blue, a pristine marble with fluffy white clouds swirling about their atmospheric path. Zoom in a bit. What do you see? How about gleaming cities constructed in the United States, Japan, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Brazil, all glittering with culture, regulations, art of their own.

Ahh, and when you take your focus, your individual perception, and zoom in to the life around you, you will find…what you want. Whatever appeals to you, that is the substance of your life, of your mind’s eye and of your life. What joy, what honor, what potential being a thinking, breathing, creating human being holds.

Karmic Media is about focusing perspective on empowering people. The world’s activists influencing policy-makers are the link between our everyday brother and sister and the people with the power. The world’s artists continually inspire our human family to become something much greater than what our mundane day-to-day trivialities can feel like. The world’s servants, the worker bees, the unsung heroes who sacrifice their pleasure and comfort to lift up those around them, they are what strongly and silently hold up societies.

What goes around certainly does come around. The news and media tend to look a little negative. Peruse these pages to be reminded just how powerful and passionate we can be.