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Best of: Music Videos

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What wonder and delight exude from the recesses of the human mind when entertainment is made to stimulate multiple of our mere five senses!

This is why music videos are one of my favorite things, ever! ^_^ The combination of a visual exposition that is created to pulsate our perception of light, forms, and figures in-time to a musical score often moves me to experience sensation throughout my body, stimulating yet another sense simply through influence! Marvelous, it really is wonderful to be alive ūüôā

Dear readers, I have compiled a list of the coolest music videos I have seen, to my personal taste. Please enjoy some of “The Most Badass-est Music Videos” I have been able to find, all found in the playlist titled the same on my YouTube channel:¬†The Most Badass-est Music Videos.

To optimize your personal experience, you can simply watch these videos, or read my personal interpretation of them to accompany the audio/visual experience.

Either way, enjoy!


Flume, aka Harley Edward Streten, is “an Australian record producer, musician, and DJ.” Add him to the list of the many reasons that make Australia so appealing as a vacation destination!

Eliza Dolittle, real name Eliza Sophie Caird, is “an English musician and recording artist from London.” She has been performing since she was 15. The name “Eliza Doolittle” comes from a character in a play/book called¬†Pygmalion¬†written by George Bernard Shaw.

This video gives me the feels like a love letter from your crush in junior high does.

Even though the matching petite and gender queer actors are basically just making out the entire time (ok, so it’s kind of softcore porn, I’ll admit), you can’t deny that the minor chords of the song go very very well with the throes of passion exemplified in their bodies as they ravage each others’ faces in sensual delight.

That feeling of desire, of longing, of love and lust is one that is very familiar to most of us.

If someone asked me what I thought pure passion looked like, I would have them watch this video.


Here is another video featuring the music of Flume.

This time, it’s a Flume remix of a song by Lorde.

Lorde, aka¬†Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor,¬†is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. Score #2 for that part of the world providing us another musical gem of an artist!

While watching this video, I am reminded that there are certain times whenever my senses seem to blend together. I am not claiming to have synesthesia or anything. It’s just that for me, that which I find beautiful excites many of my receptors, and several of my senses all at once.

That is the case with this video. Whenever I see the golden crown erupt into a glitchy pixelated explosion, my heart explodes in time as well. My breathe catches, and an uncontrollable smile takes over my face, sending a warm tingling feeling down my spine and limbs as well.

What looks like liquid gold comes over the screen, it nearly makes me drool. I truly get a reaction in taste because of visual and audio stimulation; crazy!

This legacy this video leaves is one of beautiful visuals being open to whatever interpretation you would like. You can tell yourself, or someone else, a story about what it means while it plays, and whatever you say it is, it is.

It is the perfect amount of complexity and simplicity.


Matt and Kim may be my favorite pop power couple. They¬†are “an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York.”

This is based purely off of my love for their chemistry in their videos. They have made it a point to make a music video for every song they put out. Whether it is for marketing or for pure entertainment purposes, I don’t really care, I just enjoy them!

This video is not necessarily the silliest they have, but you can’t help but giggle, even if just a little, while watching.


(Here are some other honorable mentions for silly music videos by Matt & Kim:

Yea Yeah
Lessons Learned


The first of OK Go’s music videos that became popular as I was growing up was “Here it Goes Again” where they were running on treadmills. Their videos have gotten much more complex since then, though they maintained their lighthearted yet well-constructed style.

The sheer numbers of people involved with this video alone are impressive. ¬†Not to mention that they are all moving in synchronicity from the ground, and from an arial view. (My guess is that it’s a drone.)

The energy of the band and performers works to create a machine moving and working perfectly together through much patience and practice I’m sure, to bring us sucha spectacular viewing feature.


This video by Noisia is one of my favorite videos of all-time.

Noisia is “is a Dutch electronic music trio consisting of members Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger from Groningen, Netherlands.”

In this video, poor Tommy just wants to play! The whole world is at his fingertips…until needless fighting over heaps of junk takes that world away from him.

One thing I wonder whenever I watch this video is, why is it the women who are mainly featured fighting the uniformed authority? The junkyard men are only seen running away; and doing flips, I will give credit where credit is due. The women fighting the figures with weapons and armor do seem to take a lot of the spotlight in this video.

While the fearful and dark part of my mind and heart are utterly satisfied while watching this video, the scene of everyone bathing at the end, fresh and clean and smiling, leaves me feeling a sense of hope.

This is a video of apocalyptic hope.


Sigur Ros is “is an Icelandic post-rock band from Reykjav√≠k, who have been active since 1994.”

I could, actually I do, watch videos of dancers pretty much continuously throughout the day. There are honestly too many good ones for me to say that one is the best, or even better than the others.

This video in particular I enjoy because of the setting. It looks very…cyberpunk because of the abandoned, futuristic feeling of the surroundings, and the toxic/lime green color throughout.

You can see that the dancers are drawn towards each other in some sort of longing with their wild body movements. But the movements tell a story of something besides heterosexual, animalistic lust. It tells the story of individuality being constantly battered by the tides of chaos that life brings.

In the end, the two meld into one.

Very unique song and video here.


Chase and Status “are an English electronic music production duo composed of Saul Milton and Will Kennard. In addition, MC Rage & Andy Gangadeen also make up the live band.”

Chase and Status have a collection of fantastic music videos.

My favorite part of this video is the scene where the family is performing a ceremony underneath the open gazebo-like structure. Our protagonist inhales from the pipe, the song stands still in suspense, and then the camera zooms up and out.

Then, what I see as the portrayal of the feeling of freedom I have seen, occurs. The young man is seen riding on horseback through an open field.

The cinematography and just the scene in general, brought instant and ecstatic peace to my soul.

This video is such a gift to me. I can simply recall this scene, and then imagine myself in the middle of a similar field or forest, arms and heart wide open to the fullness of the nature around me, in utter surrender to my place in the world.

That feeling of liberation is perfectly captured, and shared with the viewer, in this music video.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Many styles, many songs and dances, one reason to enjoy these modern works of art: beauty is there for us to behold and for pur emotions to experience on whatever level we allow ourselves to ascend to. Let us not let a moment pass where we fail to appreciate the art that is created for our pure entertainment.

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